• Hackathon
    By HackerEarth

    Ready! Set! Code!

    Do you have what it takes to survive the ultimate coding showdown?

  • Appathon
    By Samsung India

    A contest for the lovers of android,
    aimed to invent, design and develop a prototype mobile app.

  • Future

    Flex your creative muscles, get your tech sense racing, and take a stroll in the future in your time machines.

  • Roborock

    Robotics on a whole new level

    Fight it out with other robotics enthusiasts at Vortex's very own arena...

  • Triwizard

    Can you survive three extremely dangerous tasks?
    Well there is no danger here except the ticking clock....

  • Treasure Hunt

    Run around IIT campus to find hidden treasures by deciphering clues based on your technical knowledge and general knowledge.


Shortly about us

EES aspires to cultivate interest in science and technology among its students. The vibrancy of the society lies not in what it gives to the students but what it enables the students to give to technology.

We regularly organise competitions and workshops to bring about the best in the students. Vortex is one such endeavour aimed at promoting technology among students.

Vision and mission

Electronics is no more just a component in modern technology; it is the basis of assessment of a country’s progress.It is one of the most knowledge-intensive fields of study which imparts it with tremendous potential in India.

With the knowledge of this fact, Electrical Engineering Society, IIT Delhi, endeavors to create a community of students and faculty driven by a passion for electronics and innovation.